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The Boho Halo from the Dry Flower Collection , is strongly suggested by our highly trained florists, between a wide variety of options. Options such as floral bouquets with wonderful wrappings, glass domes, decorative vases and Fiorentino LFS premium boxes. They do not require any type of care, as it corcerns dried flowers of the highest quality. You may protect them from excessive temperatures and direct contact with water or sun.

The Dry Collection is the end result of a long process of dehumidification and coloring. Thus, a breathtaking effect is given to the flowers, highlighting and maintaining their beauty and elegance, forever. The Dry Flower Collection, offers you plenty of choices, just like all of our collections.

Taking the latest trend of decorators towards minimalism into consideration, we observe more and more dry flower arrangements. This way, they add their own personal, unique flare to lots of different spaces. Now, you can also add a touch of elegance into your ambience, by choosing the ideal arrangement for complimenting your own space.

Thanks to their flexible nature of aesthetics, the Dry Flower Collection arrangements, can be the perfect gift for a great number of occasions.

We invite you to draw inspiration by our suggesting arrangements, in order to create your own, since it may remain in your space forever, adding your very own, unique, personal taste to the ambience around you.

Some of the flowers our collection consists of, are pampas grass, phalaris, lagurus and dry greenery.

Explore the Dry Flower Collection and the Boho Halo. Take advantage of our safe and fast delivery in Thessaloniki, including deliveries all over the rest of Greece.



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Dimensions 25 × 25 cm
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Υπολογισμός Μεταφορικών

Το κόστος αποστολής υπολογίζεται μετά την εισαγωγή του ΤΚ (ταχυδρομικού κώδικα) της περιοχής παράδοσης στη φόρμα παραγγελίας.


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